For more than  25 years, millions of people have been using Absolutely Natural products and we continue to get the question, “Are your products safe for pets?” The answer to that is always, “yes”.

Our products have been perfected over the past couple decades with our innovative blending methods, sourcing of raw materials and our highly effective formulas. Not only are the products safe for pets, they can be very beneficial to any skin ailments such as allergies, dandruff, patchy skin and hair loss.

Our shampoos and conditioners are actually a much better alternative than traditional pet shampoos and conditioners. The ones stocked on the store shelves are full of chemicals or worse, highly toxic ingredients which almost always fail to “treat” any claim made on the front label.

So why try to reduce your pet’s exposure to these harsh chemicals? It’s simple; you want your pet to be as healthy as they can. Choosing clean products will promote a vibrant coat and reduce toxicity that could later lead to disease. So the next time you reach for the pet shampoo, go ahead and grab from your Absolutely Natural stock. 

All good things,