Becoming a mother has the ability to make you simultaneously feel like you have superpowers and to feel as though you are helpless and can control nothing in this world. It is a roller coaster of highs and lows that can make the sanest person feel as though they are losing their mind. One minute you are feeling invincible. “I grew a human! I can do anything!! There is a bus coming, I can just reach out my hand and stop it! This car is parked on your foot? Let me just reach down and lift it off (while holding my baby).” The next moment you are wondering why you can’t get that baby you brought into this world so lovingly to stop crying, eat, or sleep. And then after hours of trying to get them to sleep, they finally drift off and the worrying begins. Next thing you know you are poking at them to see if they are still breathing. Which, of course, wakes that precious little angel back up. At least you know they are breathing!! Yay!

Then come all the worries that come along with milestones. Reaching (knives!), crawling (you can reach more knives!!) and walking (you can fall down stairs, into ponds, pools and alligator pits!). And then eventually, you will have to leave them in someone else’s care. The insane scenarios that run through your head on a daily basis are enough to put you in a straight jacket. So from the beginning you try to control everything that is within your power to control.

Becoming a mother also makes you the detector of all things harmful. From the moment Noah was born I wanted better for him. Things that never seemed to matter before became important. Vegetables and milk needed to be organic, cleaning products needed to be natural, and everything that touched his skin needed to be pure and gentle. The first few on the list proved easy…the last, was not so easy. I quickly discovered that the skin care products on the market that were labeled “natural” or “organic” were, in fact, not. They had one or two organic ingredients and were still loaded with chemicals. Some of the best known and trusted brands contained chemicals as harsh as formaldehyde. Others smelled horrible, were greasy, or didn’t moisturize well. I tried everything that was available and was not satisfied with anything. So what is an obsessive new Mom to do? I grew a tiny, perfect human! Surely I could create a line that was chemical free, organic, nourishing, gentle, and smelled delicious. Lucky for me I had Absolutely Natural to co-parent…and “Marlee & Noah” was born. 100% natural and organic. Every ingredient is chosen for a beneficial reason, and they smell amazing. While you are taking care of your little one, you can take care of yourself too with our line for Mothers. Sometimes being obsessive pays off.

But the driving force behind all of that neuroticism, all of that insanity, all those late night pokes to make sure they are breathing, and the “Marlee and Noah” line is love. Pure, crazy love. Noah is 5 now and I look at him and I have never been more proud, more in awe, and more positive that I was born to be a mother. Every mother thinks their child is perfect. But I am pretty sure Noah is. He is funny, kind, sweet, and honest. And he is good…there is a heart of gold in there and I will do everything I can to protect it. And I do mean stop a speeding bus or lift a car. Because he makes me feel like Supermom. He makes me want to be a better person, and I am because I am his mother. I can’t wait for the day when he asks about “Marlee & Noah” and I can tell him why there is a company named after him and why it is different than all of the rest.

I hope that he is as proud of me as I am of him.

With Love,