Imagine this…
“Okay, red, up against the wall!”

“You know we at XYZ High School have a zero tolerance for banned substances at school and you are in serious trouble.”
The security guards cautiously advance on the trembling, fair skinned girl; one distracts her while the other lunges for the contraband. Got it!
He quickly bags the SPF 30 sunscreen and the day is saved at good ole’ XYZ High.
Sound farfetched? Maybe not.

When students at a San Antonio, Texas, school went on a field trip last week, parent Christy Riggs wanted her red headed daughter to bring sunscreen along to protect her from more than six hours in the sun. To her dismay, the North East Independent School District has a ban restricting students from bringing sunscreen to school or on field trips because it is considered a toxic substance.

"Our family has very pale skin, and my father actually passed away from skin cancer earlier this year," Riggs said. "What sort of message is the school sending when they tell us to leave sunscreen at home?"
School district spokeswoman Aubrey Chancellor said allergic reactions to sunscreen are one of the numerous reasons the district does not allow sunblock in its 72 schools.

At Absolutely Natural, we have been preaching caution regarding typical chemical sunscreen formulas for more than 22 years and this is just another example of why AN’s natural alternative is better.
When we eliminated all the chemicals and replaced them with natural sunscreens, oils and botanicals, we also eliminated the potential toxicity. We have proven this for 22 years in the harshest sun spots in the world at luxury resorts from Majorca to Mexico to the Caribbean and the Hawaiian Islands.
We are going to reach out to the North East Independent School District and send them some samples of our product; there is no reason to ban Absolutely Natural.

Best regards