To all of our wonderful customers, vendors and partners with whom we have shared this journey the past 24 years, we wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.

No one is quite sure when Valentine’s Day originated and even more of a mystery is why it became associated with love.  It has been around for centuries, however, and theories abound as to how it has manifested itself into today’s holiday.

Some cynics think modern Valentine’s Day has been shaped by greeting card companies and the fact is hundreds of millions of card will be purchased this year.

I can remember 50 years ago when to a young boy in Parkersburg, West Virginia, the day was much anticipated and there was a lot of effort put into it.  My mom would make sure we had valentine’s for all of my classmates and I also remember putting a great deal of time into carefully filling them out … anguishing over the perfect message for those who were friends, others who were acquaintances and the special one or two that you liked as “girls”.  It was exhausting!

Valentine’s Day itself was great.  We had several minutes to go around the class and put the messages into the bags of our mates.  It was then highly anticipated to read the cards.  Believe me they were read often over the course of the next couple of weeks; read and cherished.  To some of our younger generation customers, this probably sounds strange but remember there were no phones on which to text, no Facebook, no instant messages, no Tweeter, no Instagram etc. etc. Valentine’s Day was a big deal for us.

Fast forward to 2016 and Valentine’s Day still has a special meaning for me.  30 years ago, one of the best things in my life happened on Valentine’s Day when I married Kelly Swain on February 14th.   Kelly and I have known each other since 7th grade and were lucky to find each other again after 10 or 11 years out of high school.

Kelly is one of those beautiful women that makes “60 look like the new 40”.  Her secrets, of course, are good genes (her mother is still a knock out with lovely skin) and a full regimen of Absolutely Natural products (she gets a discount!).  She loves our serums and facial care plus all the lotions and butters. 

So, we hope you have a great Valentine’s Day and for all of you who share my wedding date, Happy Anniversary.

Best regards,