Oh the dreaded New Year’s Resolutions or how about the late winter push to get ready for “bathing suit” time?

Absolutely Natural is issuing you a challenge to FALL into Healthy Habits. What a great time to start eating better, exercising more and keeping your skin healthy.   Start now and you can be better prepared for that infamous party season where it is extremely challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle and often exacerbates the dreaded New Year’s Resolutions!

Diet and exercise are important parts of the regimen and it really doesn’t have to be as complicated as some make it. I think you can find a book that makes a case for about anything … low fat, no fat, no carbs, high protein, vegetarian, no dairy. A nice balance of fruits and vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats eschewing processed food is always going to be your best bet.

Exercise is the same way. Expert opinions can make your head swim with all the advice you can get which turns out to be contrary to the other experts’ advice. Again, commonsense should take over. Do an exercise regime that you enjoy and can stick to. Especially as we get older it is not realistic to expect the same performance as during your youth. Reasonable low impact cardio and safe weight resistant training 30-40 minutes three to four times a week is really all you need to stay fit.

As for the third part of this FALL into Healthy Habits tripod? Well, that’s the easiest of all. Just pick up an Absolutely Natural catalogue or go to the web site (www.absolutely-natural.com) and your more than halfway there!

Get rid of your drying soaps and sulfate based body washes and shampoos and replace them with gentle, yet highly effective AN selections. The result will be healthier skin and hair, vibrant and totally hydrated.

Then use our lotions, creams and butters to further enhance your skin. Regular use will give you softer, supple skin and the benefits of the many nutrients and anti-oxidants in our products.

Try our serums for evening skin tones, reducing brown spots and signs of aging and tightening skin while our facial products will help maintain a clear complexion and healthy, glowing skin.

Forget New Year’s Resoultions or the panic to get ready for the summer… instead, FALL into Healthy Habits now.

Best regards