Weather conditions in the winter present unique challenges for your skin.

 With freezing temperatures outside and central heating cranked up to the max, chapped lips, sore red patches, cracked fingers and feet and flaky skin can become problematic. 

 Here’s what is actually happening in inclement weather according to Dr Susan Mayou. “When it's very cold, there is less moisture in the environment, and this lack of moisture is compounded by wind, which blows moisture away from the skin, and central heating.”

 In a dry environment, water is lost from the keratinocytes  -  or skin cells  -  leaving skin feeling sore and chapped. And, unfortunately, most moisturizers do very little to help.

 Per Dr. Mayou, the ideal moisturizer for winter works as a humectant and an occlusive. “Humectants draw water from the lower levels of the skin  -  this comes from the water we drink  -  to rehydrate the upper levels of the skin, while occlusives have a barrier function to help lock in this moisture.”

 Absolutely Natural’s moisturizers accomplish both.  In winter time, our butters, crèmes and oils are often chosen over the lotions for extra “prevention” and healing.

 Guide to Winter Skin

 LIPS can be the first part of the face to show an adverse reaction to cold weather, so use them as your early warning system. If your lips feel dry and damaged, treat them with Absolutely Natural’s lip moist. 

 The skin around the EYES is very thin, and when the air is cold and dry, you might well see an increase in fine lines in this area. Use our Vitamin C Eye Serum for proper care of crow’s feet and underneath eyes.

 CHEEKS and the rest of your face are so exposed, they are extremely susceptible to cold weather damage.  Use our night serum for repair and our Calming Facial Lotion for moisturizing. Of course, our new facial line will help keep skin healthy, hydrated, soft and smoot.  Don’t forget sunscreens especially when you are going to have extended exposure.  UV Rays are more powerful at high altitudes for those of you who like skiing and other outdoor activities.

 HANDS AND FEET often get very dry, can crack and even start to bleed.  Try one of our famous whipped body butters to super hydrate and heal. Our Peppermint Foot Crème is great for dry, damaged feet and gives an instant cooling affect.

 The rest of your BODY needs special attention as well.  The lotions are great, but in these harsh conditions, the Organic Oil or Organic Cream are even better.

 Finally, don’t forget your hair and scalp.  Absolutely Natural’s complete line of shampoos and conditioners will help prevent dry, frizzy hair and scalps.

 Winter’s tough on your skin, but Absolutely Natural will work wonders for you.


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