The noise you hear is a collective groan from 100’s of thousands of school age children, superseded only by a collectively, deep, contented sigh by an  equal number of parents!

The hot, humid days and nights will soon become the crisp fall days and nights which will soon become the cold, dry days and nights of winter.  And, every year I get older, these seasons seem to come and go more quickly.

But it’s time to get your skin and hair ready for the inevitable changes.  Summertime presents some challenges especially to those of us who enjoy the outdoors and physical activity.  Perspiring heavily leads to more frequent showers which can lead to dry skin and frazzled hair if using the wrong products.  Hours of sun exposure, of course, can lead to sunburned skin and/or deep tans that can dry the skin and even dramatize the appearance of aging.  This is particularly true around the face and especially the eyes.

All-in-all, albeit a lot of fun, summer can be rough on your skin and hair.

Absolutely Natural has a regimen to recommend that will help with any damage done this summer and get you ready for the changing conditions of fall and winter.

The shower or bath:  Do not use harsh soaps, shampoos, conditioners and body washes.  Many typical formulas use the same harsh cleansers found in your dish detergent.  Instead, use our natural, gentle, sulfate free washes in the shower and shampoos and conditioners on your hair.  Will leave hair and skin refreshed and most importantly super hydrated.

For the body: One of our lotions is ideal to hydrate skin, help maintain that tan well into fall and eradicate signs of aging.  Our famous Rosehip Aloe is great as an everyday lotion as are our organic spa series selections.  As fall turns into winter and those of you that live in the bitter cold and dryness of the season, turn to our body butters especially effective on hands, feet and elbows.

For the face:  It is important to be diligent about repairing potential summertime damage on your face.  Daily use (or even better morning and night) of our facial cleanser along with the rest of our system … astringent, toner, and facial lotion, will do wonders for your skin.  Our system keeps your clean and hydrated.  Add in our bamboo exfoliator a couple of times a week for best results.

Specialty products:  For the ultimate in anti-aging, use our Organic Oil and/or Organic Crème all over your body.  These incredible formulas of 13 organic oils are rich in anti-oxidants, free radical scavengers, anti-aging properties and super hydrators. 

Specifically for the face are our exceptional Vitamin C Eye Serum and Night Serum.  Both are nutrient rich and will promote younger looking skin, smooth out fine lines and even skin tones\

Summer is over but with Absolutely Natural on your roster, you can enjoy a “sunny” all and winter.

Best regards,