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Tanning Travel Pack
$35.00 USD
Tanning Travel Pack
$35.00 USD
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Biodegradable | Vegan | Cruelty Free | Reef Safe 
Take everything you’ll need to enjoy the beach with you in our convenient travel pack. Complete with the full range of SPF to PROTECT, PROMOTE and PROLONG your tan.

Includes the following:
● 2oz. bottle of Rosehip Aloe
● 2oz. bottle of Pure Aloe
● 2oz. bottle of Platinum Oil
● 2oz. bottle of SPF 8

Our Pure Aloe Gel is medicinal and helps heal burns with the support of Tea Tree Oil imported from Australia. Eucalyptus provides instant cooling relief.

Our Rosehip Aloe is among our finest products. Apply to skin to begin the healing process and help turn skin tan. Rose Hips Oil has been proven in clinical studies to reverse wrinkles, help heal scar tissue and other skin disorders. Rosehip Aloe should be used everyday as a hydrating lotion to keep skin moist and young.

Our SPF 8 product contain 100% natural Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide along with all the nutrient and antioxidant rich ingredients of our Rose Hip Aloe cream. Titanium reflects ultraviolet light providing superior protection for UVA as well as UVB.

Our exotic Platinum Tanning Oil is the way to get it! Comprised of the finest, most effective, blend of Macadamia, Rosehip, Kukui, and Squalane.

Liberally dab the sun block over sun sensitive areas such as the nose and forehead (where the bone is nearest the surface of your skin) and lay the sun block over the rest of your skin. Wait 60 seconds before you slowly massage the lotion into your skin.

To best soothe away sunburn, take a warm shower then apply our Pure Aloe Gel liberally and gently to the surface of your skin. Allow the gel to absorb before dressing or applying our Rose Hip Aloe lotion. Reapply frequently.

Liberally dab our Rose Hip Aloe lotion over your skin, then gently massage to absorb and condition. Apply after a warm shower lock in moisture.

No Animal Testing No Animal Testing
Contains Natural Ingredients Contains Natural Ingredients
Recycleable Recycleable
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