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Our customers often share their experience and passion for our Absolutely Natural products with us. We feel the love, and thought it would only be fair to share some of it. Want to tell us about your own experience? email us at: info@absolutely-natural.com.

Shari and Scott

We found your products in Maui on our honeymoon 6 years ago, and have been using the Aloe cream ever since. We live in Colorado, so our climate is very dry. Your cream is fantastic, very different from any other, we love it! Our skin thanks you!

Bill Seno

Absolutely Natural is ABSOLUTELY the best tanning oil ever. It’s the perfect easy yearly repeat gift which my wife really enjoys.

Kathie Kirkland, WA

I just returned from my 33rd visit to The Whaler on Kaanapali Beach. I’m blonde fair-skinned and burn. I avoid the sun between 10 and 2 but love getting a summer tan. I’ve used everything in my 63 years! This past visit I (we – daughter and I) discovered your SPF 8, the Platinum and the Rose Hip Aloe. I returned with the best tan I’ve ever had! I love the formula and the smell! Need something to turn 63-year-old face into a 42 year-old one! Mahalo!


I was in Maui at the Hyatt Resort and Spa and bought a bottle of your rose hip moisturizer at their swimming pool. It works terrific and smells even better than terrific. I have always dealt with skin issues and this product is a miracle. I am ordering more before I run out here in California.

Donna Horseman

Hi I think your products are great.I take the enhancner on every holiday and people are always asking what i use so i tell them.I go an amazing colour. Thank You…...


This year 7 we were at the marriot on the island of kauai the person handing out towels introduced me to your product,i was very skeptical but, i purchased the rehydrating cream wow double wow will order more thanks


Great products, we found them in Maui two years ago at the Sheraton Maui Resort and have been using them every since. Great skin care and the scent reminds me of Maui…Awesome Job!


We discovered your sunscreen products while on our honeymoon in Hawaii and we have been dedicated users every since! The products are amazing and minus those harsh chemicals which they are now proving cause skin cancer!!! Thank you for making such wonderful products!


I have very sensitive skin (eczema) and I was at wits end with trying $Hundreds of dollars in products – All things recommended to me nothing works – always the same thing dry itchy skin – ARGH!! A friend of mine just came back from Maui LOVED your product and mentioned to me how great the were and to try them. Just let me say I love the “shower gel” “sunscreens” and “rose hip aloe” this is the first product that I can say helped my skin irritations – the product is so mild, and the fragrance is so pleasant – I have my skin back – and am not as self conscious as I once was!!! Thank you (Please never go out of business)


I just placed another order of the sunscreen and was realizing that it has been 13 years that I have exclusively used your sunscreen products and rose hip aloe lotion! I love them and would never use anything else. I have never burned and never get a rash (like I used to with other products). We use the SPF25 for our 5 year old son and he has NEVER gotten sunburn and I never have to worry because we use Absolutely Natural.

My next order I will be trying the hair care products.

I am so glad that we found your product while on our honeymoon in Maui. Thank You!

Eva Moro

About 6 years ago, we first bought your Rosehip Aloe in Hawaii and immediately felt in love with it. Since then, we regular order your products – to our hometown Switzerland! There is nothing similar to it, we cannot be without anymore. For the whole family it’s definitely the best and it really works. There are some new products, wow, I’m so excited to try them out – you’ll hear from me soon. Thank you so much!


Thanks so much for ALL your wonderful products! Cant wait to see what you all come up w/next!!!!


I got the Rose Hip Aloe at the Outrigger Reef in Oahu last week, my skin feels like butter, no peeling and the smell is simply heaven.. Thank you!


We found your products in Maui at the Sheraton and LOVE them! Your products work better than any other drugstore products we’ve tried. We were excited that we could order online and look forward to trying out some new products!

Gail Daly

My husband and I were visiting Maui in September and we purchased the Rose Hip moisturizer. We love it. I burn easy and when we returned to Massachusetts my skin became so dry, so I started using the moisturizer every day and it has been working great. I have since ordered the line of Rose Hip produces. Thank you very much.

denise edman

love your stuff. have been using the lotion for 7 years,now i started using the organic oil and i love it. thanks

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