Is anyone else having a hard time wrapping their heads around the fact that we are in mid-November and staring Thanksgiving head on? Where has the year gone?

As usual it is very busy at Absolutely Natural and many of you will be getting our year end catalog soon. This year features my picks for Jamaica as well as some important new products we launched in 2013. They include:

• Vitamin C Eye Serum
• Anti-aging Night time Repair System
• Eucalyptus Mint Hand Soap
• Natural Self Tanner

Information about these great new products can be found at as well as in past blogs that can be found in our archives.
2013 has been another year of expansion and our Hawaii business is up more than 40% mostly because of our new packaging for our suncare line. Mike Kelley’s super salesmen are doing well in Maui and Oahu as are our other key accounts in the Hawaiian Islands.

Sandals, has taken off as well and has doubled their sales with their signature Red Lane products. And, they are going to have a major change in their packaging for 2014 as well as several new products. We have added several exciting new accounts to our private label portfolio.

I’ll be spending Thanksgiving in Hawaii this year but want to express my gratitude to my wonderful staff in the Florida office and the Kauai store and especially to all of our long term customers.

Best regards