Sometimes products can be formulated very quickly and launched in a matter of months.  At other time, it can take months and months of painstaking development, testing, focus groups and tweaking to get a product that I approve for production and sale.

Coming in 2020 are several products from the latter category!

Most exciting to me is our new formulations for personal care.  Our shampoos, shower gels and conditioners are being done from the ground up while our lotion is being tweaked.  At Absolutely Natural, we strive to be on the cutting edge and we, over the last couple of years, have been working with our natural raw materials vendors experimenting with several raw materials.

In addition to reformulating, we are adding Grapefruit Vanilla to our fragrance options.  This has the fresh, clean grapefruit fragrance enhanced by a bottom note of warm, rich vanilla.  I have been using this for a year or so and it is my favorite ever.  It is the same fragrance profile as our Zoey Naturals’ body butter which has become one of the best sellers in our Zoey line.

And, speaking of Zoey Naturals, we are adding a bubble bath, detangler and a hair conditioner to the line.  Zoey has really gained momentum in the last several months and now has representation in more than 40 states.

Finally, we have an entire line of essential oil blends that will launch this year under the Kinsley Oils moniker.  Kinsley is my second granddaughter and we have teamed up with Dr. Cheryl Wojciechowski to develop these unique blends.  We’ll write more about Kinsley Oils in a future blog, but the products will include diffuser oils, bath oils, massage oils and inhalers. 

Dr. Cheryl is renown for mixing exotic essential oils into unique and purposeful blends.

We also have a few surprises and are looking to put together some seasonal products as well as continuing to enhance our current choices.

Best regards,