Relax. Slip into a nice, hot tub. The mood is enhanced by several burning candles. Perfection!

Well, maybe not because you may be inhaling toxic chemicals. Kind of spoils the mood.

Researchers at South Carolina State University studied petroleum-based and vegetable-source candles to determine their emissions. They let candles from different manufacturers burn for up to six hours in a small box (8 inches x 8 inches x 26 inches), and then collected and analyzed substances released into the air.

They found that paraffin-based candles (the raw material most candles are made from) emitted toxic chemicals like toluene and benzene. Soybean and beeswax candles did not. Candles made of beeswax or soybean usually highlight their natural ingredients while a lot of paraffin candles will not list the ingredients.

Researchers concluded that frequently lighting many candles in an unventilated space could lead to problems, and may aggravate asthma, cause allergy-like symptoms, or irritate the respiratory tract.

There is some controversy on how badly the petroleum based candles can adversely affect you, but when there are alternatives, why not take them?

Absolutely Natural candles are pure, natural soybean with fragrance oils or essential oils. They burn slowly and evenly and give off a beautiful fragrance. We have several varieties including:

  • Warm, sugar cookie
  • Spiced Pine
  • Mandarin White Tea
  • Pumpkin Brulee
  • Blooming Jasmine and Rose Hip (new)
  • Sweet Amber and Lavender (new)
  • Meadow Woods (new)

We debuted these in last year’s catalogue and they instantly became a huge hit. Now with three new fragrances, I am sure you will find several that can enhance your indoor living space and be confident they are perfectly safe for your family and pets.

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