I want to share with you a personal testimonial about our butter product.

As I am aging my skin is changing.  I have very dry areas (especially feet and elbows) plus a very dry scalp on my mostly bald head.  Cruel irony.

Couple that with the fact I seem to bump my head frequently and my scalp looks like I’ve been at the losing end of a dog fight.

I already have a regimen where I’ll slather my feet with one of our butters and wear long socks to bed.  It is amazing how well that works and my feet are as soft and smooth as my granddaughter Zoey.  Well, almost but certainly impressive for 62 years old.

So, as I was lamenting the state of my scalp the other night, I thought I’d give the butter a try on my head.  I put a good amount on my scalp and gently massaged it in.  I then put on a beanie and went to bed.

The next morning the results were simply outstanding.  The dry patches were completely gone and the contusions were well on the way to being healed.  I have done that several times since and my scalp is free of dry patches, free of itchy skin, free of scabs and soft and supple.

I highly recommend it for dry skin everywhere.  And, remember ours is really butter (not a cream masquerading as butter) so it is thick and luxurious.  Immediately after applying, it does seem a bit greasy (after all it is butter), but it quickly absorbs into the skin hydrating all five cell areas of the epidermis.  After a few moments, there is no stickiness, no greasiness and just soft, super hydrated skin.

Beware of most “butters”.  Most manufacturers sell “butters” that really aren’t.  This is where reading the ingredients is paramount.  If a product contains water as a first ingredient, in my definition it is NOT butter.  It is a cream.

Absolutely Natural’s large array of butters are simply the best nature can provide like Mango, Shea, Cocoa, Aloe, Palm and Coffee.  We combine those with nutritive oils to make the finest butter’s in the world.

We have become known for our butters and will manufacturer almost a half million jars this year.

I think back when I first started 25 years ago and vividly remember buying raw butter in 5 gallon pails.  We now get it in weekly from our raw material suppliers and buy two to three tons at a time. 

If you’ve not tried our butters, now would be a great time.  I guarantee you will love them.

Best regards,