A bad sunburn can ruin your vacation, time at the pool, the lake or river trip and  can actually be debilitating.  If you burn yourself so badly that you have blisters, you should seek medical attention.  Anything short of that can probably be treated as follows:

  1. Finish your day in the sun by taking a warm shower. The warm  water will open the pores of the skin and help bring the ”heat” to the top of your skin. Always avoid the temptation of a cool    Yes, it is soothing but will close the pores of the skin  and make treatment more challenging.
  2. After towel drying (do not dry yourself vigorously), then “lay” an even coat of Absolutely Natural’s Pure Aloe with Tea Tree all over your skin. Aloe is very penetrating so it will sink into the skin.  Our Pure Aloe is a real aloe product.  Pure Aloe Leaf Gel, Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus.  Simple, effective and a superior formula.
  3. After the Pure Aloe has gone through the top of your skin, then use our Rosehip Aloe by again “laying” it on the skin.  After a moment or so, you can massage any remaining lotion into the skin. 
  4. Our world famous Rosehip lotion has copious amounts of aloe and unique properties which make it a great hydrator, the key to getting and maintaining a tan.
  5. You must use both products together… the Pure Aloe is a healer and the Rosehip Aloe a moisturizer. They work together very well.
  6. Do treatment at least once at night. If the burn is more severe, repeat treatment as often as necessary.
  7. Many of our customers keep their aloe products (especially the Pure Alkoe) chilled. Feels great going on hot skin!

Because of the quality of our ingredients, we will guarantee success if you follow the above protocols. Do not try to duplicate this using traditional after sun products. For example, those blue or green pure aloe products you see are as much as 85-90% water.

Look forward to your days in the sun.  Just be cautious and if you get too much exposure, use our Sunburn Rescue and you’ll be back  to enjoying the outdoors quickly.

Best regards,