Thanks so much for the fantastic response to our new Zoey Naturals Line.  I’ve been in sun care and skin care for more than 40 years and have been developing products for nearly 30.  We have had numerous successful launches and it is common for people to sing our praises and love our products.

With Zoey Naturals, the positive feedback has been overwhelming, and we thank you.

I am so proud of the team that developed this.  Of course, our super cosmetic chemists, Claudia Lawson, deserves much of the credit.  Claudia spent countless hours researching and formulating (and then reformulating and reformulating until I got what I wanted) and has done a superb job.

The results?  Gentle, effective products for the hair, body and butt.  Our awesome head to toe washes are sulfate, phthalate and paraben free.  The cleansing is excellent, and it rinses well so there is no harsh detergent stripping away the natural oils in our babies.

The lotion is super hydrating and leaves baby’s skin, soft, smooth and great smelling.

Our diaper rash has been one of the most popular products as this Zinc based product (100% zinc as the active ingredient) is highly effective, not sticky and easy to use.

Our sunscreen is also an OTC product with 100% zinc as the active.  We put it in a hydrating base so it’s good for the skin while in the sun.

Our two hand sanitizers are sprays that are very convenient to use, and our butter is rich, super hydrating and great for the Moms.  Finally, our body oil can be used in a bath or as a hydrator on the skin.

For more than 26 years we have made superior products but with Zoey Naturals, we got everything right.

Kudos to Lindsey Barber for the beautiful logo and bottle/tube art work and to Danny Richards (Zoey’s dad) for procuring all the materials, coordinating with companies all over the world.  Our soft touch, silk screened product is unique and represents the quality of the product inside.

Also, a special thanks Kelsey Richard (Zoey’s mom) for her research and input into nearly all phases of the project … design, efficacy, promotion and functionality.  In addition, Marlee Boyer was instrumental in helping us achieve the final product.

I also want to personally thank the guys in our production including Tony, Franco and V.G. for taking extra special interest in this and Spencer, Arthur and Alan for doing such a great job filling.  They really took ownership of the product which made me (Zoey’s grandpa) very happy and appreciative!

Zoey Naturals is just getting started.  Stay tuned for more exciting products and announcements.

Best regards