The last couple of years has seen unprecedented growth for Absolutely Natural.  We have nearly tripled our output of product since 2015 and there is no end in sight.

It has been so busy that some of our long awaited AN projects have been put on the back burner.

No longer!

You can expect the following by the end of 2017.  Most of these products have had years of research and development and I have approved the formulas.  Componentry, decoration and blending is almost complete and production fill has been plugged in. And, I am very excited.

These formulas are being driven by our very talented team and especially by our cosmetic chemist non-parallel, Claudia Lawson.  Not only has Claudia created some brand-new products for us, she has improved many of our older formulas as well.  As Claudia keeps researching the breakthroughs in natural products, we will keep improving everything we provide to resorts and our strong legion of retail clients.

Here’s what is coming up:

  1. Haircare Line
    1. Shea Hair Mask featuring easy rinse and exotic Polynesian Red fragrance
    2. Deep treatment Hair Oil
    3. Hair repair featuring patented ingredients and is truly amazing. It repairs split ends immediately and leaves hair soft and silky and extremely healthy looking
  2. Natural Deodorant
    1. Easy to use solid stick; base is coconut oil and shea butter
    2. Sensitive formula
    3. Extra Strength Formula
  3. Take Home Hawaii
    1. We have trademarked the name Take Home Hawaii and will launch in the Aloha State. All products will feature indigenous Hawaiian ingredients in a fun, “Old Hawaiiana” style.
    2. Products include:
      1. Awapuhi shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and lotion
      2. 100% Kukui Oil and 100% Macadamia Nut Oil
      3. Other Hawaiian fragrances like Frangipani, Gardenia, and Plumeria.
  1. New Sunscreen Formula (Spring 2018) Featuring 100% zinc. Reef friendly and will go on with significantly less whitening and the return in 2018 of Tattoo Stay Nu
  2. Probiotics An incredible, highly concentrated cream featuring Probiotics which improves skin’s natural barrier and assists with the natural renewal process of the outer layer of skin.
  3. Zoey Naturals
    1. Specially formulated for babies and toddlers.
    2. Night time:
      1. All in one wash with soothing Lavender and Chamomile
      2. Bath/ body oil with Lavender and Chamomile
      3. Vitamin Rich lotion with Lavender and Chamomile
  1. Daytime:
    1. Uplifting Vitamin Rich lotion with Citrus Blend
    2. All in one wash with Citrus Blend
  2. Other products:
    1. Body Butter with Vanilla Grapefruit (Okay Mom, we made this for you too)
    2. Diaper Rash Cream 100% natural with no petroleum (no fragrance)
    3. SPF 30 sunscreen with 100% zinc and Melon Awapuhi fragrance
    4. Hand Sanitizer (unfragranced)

I must admit that the Zoey Naturals projects is especially near and dear to my heart as we are naming it after my beautiful 6 month old granddaughter, Zoey.  After mom, Kelsey and dad, Danny were unsatisfied with all the products (supposedly natural) available, we formulated some essentials for Zoey.  Well she loved them as did mom and they were great for her skin, hair and bath.

They were so popular with Kelsey’s friends that they practically demanded we go into production so they could get the benefits of our gentle products.  We should be in full production before the end of the year and I am so excited about giving other grandparents and moms and  dads the opportunity to dote on their little ones with truly a superior product.

I am also eager to get Zoey in front of the camera for our collateral pieces.  Being totally objective, she is the most beautiful baby ever (maybe not so objective??)

Take care,