Vibrant skin? Beautiful tan? Reduction in the appearance of cellulite? Check, check and check!

We’ve created an indulgent blend of exotic butters and oils with a wide range of vitamins and nutrients to deeply hydrate and nourish dry skin. Our Coffee Tan and Tone Body Butter softens and revitalizes skin for a healthy look and sensuous feel. The rich butter melts onto warm skin and serves as an effective tanning enhancer.

Our formula includes real coffee butter and coffee oil. It contains a high percentage of caffeine that has been shown to significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite when applied continuously. It also has been proven remove toxins within your body reducing the fat content within your cells. Additionally, caffeine increases collagen production over time, revealing soft, radiant and healthy skin. 

How does it work?  In a recent publication authored by Dr. Doris Hexsel and Dr. Mariana Soirefront, they explained the multiple reasons that caffeine helps reduce cellulite including:

  • Prevents excessive accumulation of fats
  • Speeds up the lipolysis process which can inhibit cellulite
  • Activates HSL which leads to the degradation of cellulite
  • Stimulates the draining lymph systems in fatty tissue

This 21 page exhaustive study also touched on other befits from the topical application of caffeine including hydration, anti-oxidant value and anti-aging properties.

For best results, we recommend using with a bristle brush or cellulite massager. Simply apply the butter onto skin and brush in a circular motion. This process will allow the caffeine to  penetrate into the skin and bristles will stimulate blood flow. 

Give it a try.  Your morning coffee ritual will have a brand new meaning along with trimmer thighs and backside as well as smoother skin.

Best regards,