Fresh, new scent.

Most products have a life of between 2-5 years before they change formulas and packaging.

At Absolutely Natural, we have a product that doesn’t change with every season and in fact has only had one change in 27 years (we replaced sunflower oil with safflower oil). That is unprecedented.

But, it is one of the best working formulas in our extensive portfolio, and has a lot of other things going for it.

Efficacy:  It works!  Thousands of people have tried it and thousands are long term buyers.  It is a great sunburn relief lotion with enough aloe to make a difference (it’s our most prominent ingredient not water like most of the others).  It is fantastic as an everyday moisturizer and hydrator even with out sun exposure.  It has anti-aging benefits as well as vitamins and other nutrients.

Fragrance: We hear it all the time.  A good portion of our customer base purchased our product at one of our exclusive resorts in the Caribbean, Hawaii, Florida, California, Nevada and Arizona.  And, when they place an order, we get feedback that, “every time I use the Rosehip Aloe, it takes me back to Hawaii as we got it during our honeymoon.

Price:  For the quality of the product our price is modest.  This Rosehip Aloe has features and benefits superior to creams and lotions that sell for $30, $40 or $50 and more.  We have had only one price hike in 27 years and it still sells for $2.00 an ounce ($16 for 8 ounces).

Long time customers:  Before the internet and when I was the only employee for AN, I talked to hundreds of people who called in to order our product.  Dozens are still customers after nearly 30 years.  I can vividly remember talking to them fresh back from honeymoons and again when they had babies and again when school started for their children and again when they graduated from high school and again when their kids got married and had children of their own.  There are hundreds with whom I have spoken, know very well and have never met.  It is the greatest part of my job.

Some fun facts:

  • We recently had a BOGO (our first one ever) and sold more than 2200 bottles in one day!
  • We’ve made enough of the lotion to fill seven swimming pools
  • We have used 312,000 pounds of Rose Hips Oil.
  • It has been sold on four continents.
  • More than $1,200,000 of Rosehips lotion has been sold since 1992.

Thank you for all your loyalty through out the years and I promise we will always offer the Rosehip aloe lotion.


Best regards,