Fairly recently, researchers have deemed that Kukui Nut Oil is good for your skin.

Hmm, they are just almost a couple of centuries late to the party as ancient Polynesians landed in Hawaii more than 1600 years ago bringing Kukui Seeds to the islands.

Ancient Hawaiians used the oil to dye and waterproof their canoes and as a fuel to burn in lamps, while the tree was utilized as fuelwood, sap for tapa cloth, bark infusion for fishing nets and different parts of the tree for medicine, tattoo dye and animal fodder.

The Kukui Tree is so important to the culture and history of the islands that today it is the official tree of Hawaii.

A single tree can produce up to 200 pounds of nuts a year and the precious oil is derived by roasting those nuts and hard pressing the kernels. From that process you would get approximately 40 pounds of oil.

Absolutely Natural uses only wildcrafted Kukui oil. Wildcrafting is the practice of harvesting plants from their natural or “wild” habitat making it the purest, eco-friendly sources possible. The oil is pure as no artificial farming methods are ever used.

The oil itself has a long history as well. In ancient Hawaii, babies were anointed with the oil as protection from sun, salt, wind and other elements. Royalty used the oil in their marathon massage sessions that lasted up to seven hours!

Kukui Nut Oil has antioxidant properties that helps prevent free radical cell damage. It is high in essential fatty acids, both Omega-6 (linoleic acid) and Omega-3 (linolenic acid. These important features makes it extremely hydrating andante-inflammatory as well.

Other benefit of Kukui Nut Oil:

  • Penetrates deeply into the stratum corneum
  • Slows trans-epidermal water loss (excellent moisturizer)
  • Helps heal sunburn, chemical burns and radiation burns (hospitals in Hawaii use it on radiation patents)
  • Can help reduce acne
  • Plumps and firms the skin to diminish appearance of wrinkles
  • Excellent exfoliator, getting rid of dead skin cells and regenerating new ones
  • Can help reduce scarring when applied to abrasions

You can search long and hard and not find an oil that compares to Kukui for benefits to the skin. Ancient Hawaiians knew this hundreds of years ago!

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