We just reached a milestone that I never dared to dream about when I started the company in 1992.  We just sold our 30,000,000 millionth bottle in sales since our first bottle was purchased nearly 30 years ago

We have customers that have been with us since day one and over the years I have talked to them about how our products remind them of the resort from which they bought it.  I have enjoyed hearing about first born, first days in kindergarten, high schools, and colleges.  Our conversations have now turned to Grandchildren and retirement. 

That has been my greatest joy throughout all of these years.

I never had a business course in college.  I never knew anyone that owned a business from whom I could be mentored.  The only master plan I had was to make great products, eliminate harsh, toxic chemicals and set up sales at resorts exclusively.    And, to this day, these are still my main goals.

My employees include my sons and my family includes 100’s of employees … past and present.  It is their hard work and dedication that has defied all expectations and brought us the success we have. 

I love Absolutely Natural and as I enter my 41st year of being self-employed, the future looks bright and I will work for as long as I am able.

Best regards,