Where does the time go?  Seems like just yesterday we were in the Holiday season and now Memorial Day is upon us and summertime is here!

That means time at the beach, pool, lake, river or just in the great outdoors.  It also means taking better care of your skin for now and the future.

This has been a seminal last 12 months in the suncare industry.  Both the State of Hawaii and Key West Florida has banned some chemical sunscreens because of increasingly convincing evidence that the harsh chemicals are killing our precious reefs.  Now the FDA is looking at the safety of all chemical sunscreens as it pertains to the skin and chemicals entering the bloodstream.

In fact, 14 different suncreens are being scrutinized by the FDA and only two have been designated as totally safe. Those are zinc and titanium, mineral sunscreens that have been exclusively used by Absolutely Natural since 1992.

Of course, AN has been the leader in reef safe, skin safe and environmentally friendly sunscreens and we were the first to have a natural product back almost 30 years.  A lot of companies are jumping on the bandwagon and we welcome that for the sake of our reefs, but no one has the experience we do.

Of course, sunscreen is just one part of safety in the sun and promoting healthy skin.  This can include that sought after, youthful looking tan if you go about it using the 30-year-old Absolutely Natural system.

I have trained hundreds of sales personnel and skin consultants with this system and thousands of clients.  It is the easiest way to know what product should be used in the sun.  And, don’t forget, what you use after sun exposure is as important as what you do during the sun. 

We call the system the 3-P’s:

  • Protect: Higher sunscreens used on sun sensitive areas (anywhere the bone is close to the skin). I always recommend the SPF 30
  • Promote: Product used for the rest of the body.  Some prefer to stick with the 30 while others start with an SPF 15.  After a good base tan, an SPF 8 or even a tanning oil can be used with the Protector
  • Prolonger: Vitally important!  A combo of Absolutely Natural’s Pure Aloe and Rosehip Aloe lotion for use at night.

Here’s a rundown of the products:

  • Sunscreen: SPF 15 or SPF 30 in a hydrating base. All mineral sunscreen (Zinc and/or Titanium) that reflects UV Rays and protects more efficiently and safe than chemical sunscreens.  Apply before exposure and reapply every hour.
  • Pure Aloe with Tea Tree: 100% Pure Aloe with tea tree and eucalyptus. This is “medicine” for a bad burn or even slightly pink/red skin.  Apply after a warm shower at night.
  • Rosehip Aloe hydrating lotion: Helps heal pink skin and more importantly, keeps skin hydrated, soft, smooth and young looking.  Having dry skin is one of the main reasons people’s skin will flaker off after too much sun exposure.

Best regards,