The easy answer to this is Absolutely Natural!  We check off all the boxes:

  • Natural, reflecting mineral sunscreen only
  • Hydrating base to moisturize skin while in the sun
  • No harmful chemicals so Reef Friendly
  • Welcomed in places where chemical sunscreens are banned

But let’s say you are somewhere that doesn’t offer Absolutely Natural (we’d suggest moving!).  So what do you look for?  Mineral sunscreens are a must.  They are more efficient than chemicals and contain no potentially harmful carcinogenics.  Look for a sunscreen that is 100% Titanium, Zinc or a combo of both.

Also look for an ingredient deck where water is not the first ingredient.  And, there should be some butters or oil in the top half of the ingredient deck.  This indicates it may have a moisturizing base depending, of course, on how much water there is relative to the complimentary raw materials.

It would almost be better if we spoke about what to avoid.  Harsh chemical sunscreens are not good for the skin or the environment.  In fact, on  January 20th of this year, Hawaii state senator Will Espero introduced a bill which would ban suncreens statewide that contained oxybenzone and/or octinoxate.  Already many boat captains in the islands are refusing to allow any chemical suncreens (especially spray product) on their charters.

For several years, Xhal in Mexico , as well as other water preserves in the country have banned all sunscreens except natural mineral, reef friendly zinc and or titanium.

Also avoid lanolin and mineral oil products.  These are just cheap fillers.  Don’t use products that contain silicone as some believe they are free radical promoters (AN has ingredients that are proven free radical scavengers).

Finally, avoid any products that have parabens or phthalates.

Again, make it easy on yourself.  Absolutely Natural has made reef friendly suncreens for 25 years.  We are the proven,  natural alternative to chemical sunscreens.

Best regards,