Have you ever wondered what your typical manufacturing plant looks like? You probably wouldn’t envision aisles of barrels that are labeled with skull and crossbones with warnings such as “hazardous to your health” or “caution, may cause cancer” would you? In fact, those barrels contain toxic raw materials that make their way into your favorite body wash or lotion. Over time, those chemicals absorb into the skin and travel through the bloodstream and eventually begin to adversely affect your health.

You probably haven’t seen a mile-long chemical run-off outside of a facility plant have you? Well that doesn’t mean that it’s not there. That toxic stream of chemicals is rapidly leaching out into our lakes, rivers and ocean. Chemical run-off can adversely affect the environment, water sources and farms.  That’s the same water you shower with every day and that bottle of water your child is gobbling down after soccer practice.

Have you ever seen those puffs of smoke spouting off the tops of manufacturing plants? Those puffs of smoke contain chemicals such as Ethylene Oxide and Phosphorus Trichloride that are being pushed into our atmosphere and dramatically harming the air quality and even worse, contributing to global warming.

Needless to say, we’ve got good news for you. For more than 25 years we’ve been hand crafting formulas that are beneficial to your health AND gentle on the earth. We have no toxic smoke spewing out of our facility, no long trail of chemical run off leaching into our water supply and absolutely no hazardous barrels stickered with caution labels. Instead, you’ll find plant based raw materials as well as a unique and eco-conscience blending method for our hand crafted formulas. Our products are safe and natural and always will be. They are even approved by our friend, the Easter Bunny! So you ask why the Easter Bunny loves us? :)

All good things,