Which is better?

This is a common question here at Absolutely Natural, so we are here to break it down. Here are the top reasons why most people need to use an astringent and/or toner every day.

  • If you suffer from dry skin
  • If you suffer from oily skin
  • Or combination for those whose skin changes depending on the season and/or any hormonal imbalances.


Sometimes with harsh cleansers, you tend to strip the very top layer of your skin causing it to feel tight and “squeaky”. This may temporarily help clear blemishes but overtime you will begin to suffer from dry skin.  If you experience dry skin, you’ll want to use a Toner regularly. The use of the Toner will help balance and soothe your skin reversing any dryness. For optimal results, a moisturizer or serum is recommended after every use.

Astringents are often wrongly-used in the skincare industry. They work as a purifying agent against pesky bacteria and overly producing oil glands.  Used properly, they can fight acne prone skin and provide a deep cleansing method that is highly effective. The problem that some people have is that they use the Astringent too frequently and their skin begins to produce even more oil causing the pores to clog. This is when blemishes pop up and the frustration set its. We recommend using the Astringent just once a day so you don’t overdo it.

Most of our customers tend to fall in the third category … combination of oily and dry skin. This is why we are offer an Astringent and Toner because your skin changes for many reasons. The key to maintaining healthy skin is to pay attention to what it needs. Use them as needed and feel free to swap them up during the week. You may go through a period (a week or so) where your skin is adjusting but you’ll soon start to see your skin improve and look vibrant.

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