This month marks the end of the 24th year that Absolutely Natural has been making and selling natural suncare, skincare and spa products.

Many of our long time clients are familiar with our story, but for our new friends and customers our history is interesting to say the least.  And, most “business experts” would say us making it with the obstacles we faced has to be categorized as a very long shot.

We started researching the idea of an all-natural suncare line in 1990.  Remember this was before Google and the development required hours of study in libraries and numerous trips to meet with Cosmetic Chemists and other experts in the field.  It took almost two years but we were finally ready to produce product in March of 1992.

In April Absolutely Natural (then known as Natural Tanning Formula) was launched in Hilton Head Island and Maui at some fine resorts.  Twenty four years later our distribution is still at luxury resort hotels.

In the early days, I was the only employee and our facility was a 400 square foot garage.  Today we have 35,000 square feet of office, warehouse, labs , blend and fill and more than 30 employees.

We started the line with 8 products and now have more than 200 formulas.

One thing that has never changed is our insistence on the highest quality formulas that are still handcrafted in small batches and natural.

We are eager for our Silver Anniversary and plan on decades more service to our loyal customers.

Best regards,