Where did the summer go?
After the harsh winter of 2014, spring was a welcome respite and summer even more so, but it was too short. Fall is officially here and the beginning of shorter daylight hours.
Life changes and your need for products are different. For the next several months we see a big change in our product shipments. Less sunscreen but more hydrators. As the humidity decreases and chilly weather turns into bone chilling weather your skin needs more intense hydration.
We have had several inquiries into the difference among these moisturizing products and which is “better”? That really isn’t the question as all of our moisturizers are built to our exacting standards … they just have different features and benefits. Some have more nutrients, some more anti-aging while others are made for specific parts of the body. Here’s a rundown:

Rosehip Aloe Lotion
Rosehip Aloe has copious amounts of healing aloe so it is great for after sun exposure. It also contains Rose Hips Oil which has been proven in clinical studies to rehydrate the Basal Cell area which is vital to keep skin looking young. We have sold more than 3,000,000 bottles in the last 20 years in our Absolutely Natural brand and Rosehip Aloe is a favorite for tens of thousands of our customers.

Facial Calming Lotion
This light, refreshing product is a powerhouse of nutrients and blended specifically for the face. Contains an Amino Acid Complex that helps even out facial tones and has skin cell building proteins. Also has Co-enzyme Q-10 which is critical in the functioning of skin cells and often decreases within the skin as we age. Other ingredients are super hydrators such as Fractionated Coconut and Shea Butter. PH balanced for the face and designed to be used daily. The Ylang ylang and slight bit of peppermint make this lotion as refreshing as it is nourishing.

Spa Nutrient Lotions (Papaya Pineapple, Cucumber Mont, Rosehips, Cherry Blossom and Guava Green Tea)
Our lotion has an Organic Aloe base and is chock full of nutrient rich ingredients designed to seal in moisture, smooth texture and leave skin radiant, soft and silky. Includes Shea and Mango butter as well as the super anti-oxidant Irish Moss. Also contains Green Tea which can help repair skin already damaged by age or the elements. Our carefully selected ingredients are nutrient rich and powerful anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. Daily use can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Coco Lime Organic Whipped Body Butter
Ultra-rich and the maximum hydrator, our organic and natural butter will moisturize even the driest skin. Contains Shea and Aloe butters as well as Coconut, Rice Bran and Sunflower Oils. Green Tea and Vitamin E also provide powerful anti-oxidants.
Perfect for cracked hands and feet during harsh winters and a special treat shoulders-to-toe when wanting the maximum hydrating benefit.

Organic Beauty Crème
A unique product with no fillers at all. 13 equal parts of organic oils are blended into a thick, rich crème. The ultimate face and body lotion and is anti-oxidant rich, has free radical scavengers and anti-aging properties. Ingredients such as Green tea Extract actually help repair skin already damaged by age or the elements. Other ingredients such as Borage Seed are preventative and an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. Evening Primrose, Hemp Seed and Red Raspberry are included as well as other carefully selected organic oils. Fragranced with our exclusive blend of 8 essential oils.

You can’t go wrong with any of our moisturizing lotions, crème and butters. We have a lot of customers who use them all and I hope you try them and enjoy!

Best regards