Earth Day has been celebrated for many decades. It’s a time when society comes together, no matter their backgrounds, to bring awareness to the many environmental issues that harm the Earth’s natural resources. Pollution in our air, water and soil can all negatively affect our planet and future generations.

“Think globally, act locally” is today’s motto for most. However, here at Absolutely Natural this is our motto every single day. We have been actively preserving the Earth’s resources for more than twenty years.

It all started when Charley Richards, founder of Absolutely Natural, set out to create the only truly natural sun care line. The formulas were created to protect his family without exposing them to harmful toxins which then led to creating a product that would not harm the environment. To achieve both, we purchase raw materials that are found locally and that are minimally processed; during the manufacturing process, we ensure that there is never any chemical run-off that can spill into local rivers, lakes and preserves. Additionally, we use earth friendly packaging that is recyclable.

When you use natural products like ours, you reduce the amount of chemicals that are polluting the environment. For instance, when you shower with natural products, harmful chemicals are not running off into drains that can later pollute the land and water supply. And, when you are swimming in the ocean, lakes or rivers you won’t expose plants or species living in those areas with chemical sunscreen. Additionally, you can support an organization who believes in earth friendly manufacturing practices like sourcing only local and natural resources and also reusing and reducing the amount of plastics in our packaging.
There are other ways you can help protect our planet which include:

• Picking up trash and litter on sidewalks, parks and beaches.
• Make recycling a priority in your home.
• Reduce the amount of electric you use in your home by turning off lights.
• Take shorter showers and limit the number of baths.
• Create your own home garden.

So here’s a goal for you and for us all: Awareness. Make a conscious effort to be aware of the good and the bad contributions you are making on a daily basis. By being aware and present in all situations will allow us to create better habits for us, our family, the planet and future generations. Start now, today and this moment.

Kind regards,