Listen carefully. 

The noise you hear from shore to shore, through the mountains and plains and all over the U.S., is the collective sigh of relief from millions of parents who are sending their children back to school.   Yes, summer is over and now is the time to evaluate what ill effects this outdoor season has had on your hair and skin.

Damaged Skin

As fun as it is, long hours in the sun, trips to the beach and swimming in chlorinated pools can damage skin.  If you used Absolutely Natural sunscreens and aloes, you are in good shape and you will enjoy your summer color for weeks to come.  There are those, however, who weren’t quite as diligent and your skin may need a little tender loving care.

If your skin is dry and chapped, butter may be your best friend.  Our entire butter line… Coco Lime, Rosehips, Shea Mango and Papaya Pineapple … are super hydrators for immediate improvement for dry skin.

We like to recommend the following regiment:

  • In the morning, one of our other spa lotions applied after a shower (always use AN body washes).
  • In the evening before bed, generous application of one of our butters especially on problem areas.
  • Throughout the day, Rosehip Aloe as a hand crème and Daily Facial Lotion as a refreshing pick me up.

Of course, the ultimate luxury for your skin is always our unique Organic Oil and Organic Crème.  Both contain 13 equal parts of organic oils as well as a proprietary fragrance that is made of 8 essential oils. 

Summer fried hair

Summer time can be especially rough on hair and scalp.  Combine sun exposure with drying salt air (for those lucky enough to vacation at a beach) and/or exposure to chlorine, and your hair could really use some damage control.

First, make sure you are using one of our all natural blends of shampoo and conditioner.  They have no sulfates, no parabens and no harsh chemicals.  You don’t need petro-chemicals, silicones and other harsh, damaging ingredients on top of the elements. Daily use will hydrate the scalp and bring back healthy, shiny hair.

Thousands of our customers have had great success utilizing our Organic Oil as an occasional hot oil treatment, warm oil for 30 seconds in a microwave safe container, saturate hair and leave on for 15-30 minutes; wash with one of our shampoos or used sparingly, as a leave in treatment.

A little TLC and Absolutely Natural’s wonderful products can go a long way in getting hair and skin back in shape.  And now with the kids in school, you might actually have the time to enjoy.

Best regards,