I am writing this open letter regarding our Night Serum and Vitamin C Eye Serum.  For many years we have had customers rave about these two products. Quite frankly, the formulas are unique and they work great.

We have produced these products under our extremely strict guidelines for years with no issues.  However, we have had problems with the last couple of batches. They are perfect when they leave the factory (we wouldn’t send them out otherwise) but have a tendency to turn dark after a few months.

There are no microbial issues so the product is safe to use, but we understand the concern about the appearance.

We have isolated the problem to a raw material.  Unfortunately, the vendor we used for years discontinued this raw material and we had to get it elsewhere.  The new vendor’s ingredient works great but there is something in  it causing the serums to turn brown.

We are reformulating and promise our new Eye and Night serums will be state of the art and work better than ever. The revised formulas will be available for purchase sometime in November.

It is frustrating to me not being able to fulfill your orders right now and I appreciate your patience. Those who have been with us for years know that I will never release anything until I am  satisfied that it is of the quality we expect from all Absolutely Natural products.

Best regards,