It would be rare if cancer has not touched your life either personally or someone you know. Fortunately, there is more awareness of the many facets of the disease and with education can come prevention, treatment and even cures.

Consider the calendar for 2016:

January: National Cervical Cancer Screening Month

February: National Cancer Prevention Month

March: Colon Cancer Awareness Month; Kidney Cancer Awareness Month and Melanoma Awareness Month.

April: National Cancer Control Month

May: Skin Cancer Awareness Month

July: National Bladder Cancer Awareness Day (July 17th)

September: Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

November: National Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Pretty sobering list, huh?

We could spout a bunch of statistics here but anyone with a computer can easily look up the details, frequency, success/failure rate of treatments, life expectancy, etc.

Medical science knows more about cancer than ever before and treatments are more sophisticated.  Some cancer statistics have shown remarkable improvement in potential cures, quality of life and longevity.  Alas, other forms have not been as successfully contained.

There are several things you can do and teach your families so the risks can be reduced:

  • Exercise: a healthy body will be an advantage if you are a victim
  • Watch what you eat: We are ingesting more toxic products than in any time in history.  Processed foods contain a variety of ingredients that are thought to have the potential to promote cancer
  • Early awareness/diagnosis: Get checked frequently for all types of cancer especially if it has affected someone in your family. Early diagnosis can save your life.  With Melanoma, for example, caught in early stages and it is treated successfully in most cases.  Let it spread and ignore it and it could kill you.
  • Watch what you put on your body (skin, hair, and scalp): A high percentage of what you put on your skin will make it to your bloodstream. Unlike the kidney and liver that helps filter toxic products that you consume, the skin has no filter.  Avoid the carcinogens, petro-chemicals, preservatives, emulsifiers, sulfates and formaldehyde common in skin care, sun care and body products.

    That’s where Absolutely Natural comes in.  We use no chemicals in our processing, blending and filling.  We have been making clean products for 24 years and we are proud that we have helped so many 10’s of thousands of people.

    We appreciate you and here’s to your health.

    Best regards,