We are heading into holiday season and it’s always great to have a healthy glow to your skin while showing off your party attire. 

Unfortunately, for most of the country, lying in the sun at a lake or beach or swimming pool is not an option.  Indoor tanning salons aren’t the answer either as studies have indicated extreme caution should be exercised when using UV beds.  Why take the chance?

A good alternative is to use a self-tanner.  Some of us still remember QT from Coppertone which was the first self-tanner and also recall the interesting and varied shades of orange one could turn after using the product.

Most self-tanning products today use a synthetic Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) in concentrations up to 15%.  DHA interacts with your melanocytes, creating melanin and a natural looking tan.  A lot of products with synthetic DHA can dry the skin which is exactly what you want to avoid while trying to maintain your tan.

Other studies have shown synthetic DHA covered skin can have up to 180% more free radicals than skin without the product.  As your body’s cells accumulate free radicals over the years, it can accelerate aging skin.  Nobody wants that.

Absolutely natural has a self-tanning product that uses natural DHA made from sugar beets and fermented sugar cane.  It works superior to synthetic DHA without the potential downfalls.

In addition, AN’s self-tanner has a super hydrating base with nutrient rich raw materials such as Squalane, Argan Oil and Shea Butter.

So for a natural tan and healthy, supple skin, AN’s self-tanner is the answer.

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