Absolutely Natural is dedicated to making high quality products that are gentle on you and the environment. All of our products are 100% natural, never tested on animals, biodegradable, reef-friendly and we use recyclable materials whenever possible. Every bit counts and we shouldn't limit Earth Day to one day out of the year. Here are some ways that you and your family can help the environment (in addition to using AN's products):

1) Plant a tree

2) Set up a family recycle plan

3) Volunteer at a local park

4) Buy vegetables locally from farms

5) Use recycled materials to build a bird feeder

6) Hold a garage sale, donate or reuse household items

7) Buy or make earth friendly cleaning products

8) Ride your bike or walk instead of driving

9) Clean up litter at local beaches or parks

10) Grow your own vegetable garden

SHARE WITH US! We'd love to hear your story on how you help contribute to a healthy Earth! Remember to have fun and get your kids involved! Make Earth Day everyday. We do :)

Lindsey Barber