I love Thanksgiving.

I have a lot to be thankful for:

I’m still here after a big scare in March and April with an extended hospital stay.  I am appreciative of the doctors and nurses who put so much effort into nursing me back to health.

My wife Kelly.  She has supported me for nearly 30 years of our marriage and never complained about the long hours and the arduous travel.  

Sons Danny and Josh.  Both give me great joy and it has been a glorious journey watching them grow up.  It’s hard to fathom I have two kids around 30. (No wonder I don’t have any hair left)

My unofficial board of directors at Absolutely Natural.  We are definitely a family here.  Danny (my son) has worked for me for 15 years now, while Lindsey Barber has been at AN for 11 years (she’s only 28!).  Todd Anderson, our national sales manager, has been with the company since 2008 and they are my trusted advisors.  Without their dedication and effort, Absolutely Natural would not have achieved what it has.

The rest of the staff:  I’m thankful for such dedicated employees… Joan, Anita, Tina, Calvin, and Franco  who are all long time employees as well as Kayla, Spencer,  Pedro, Andrew who have been at Absolutely Natural a year or more.  We have several newcomers like Claudia, Summer, Tony, Zorri, Paige and Barbara. I’m very grateful to Marlee who has just been with us for a short time but feels like a long time family member. Marlee is the “smiling” voice when you call in for service.

For living in America.  There are very few places in the world where there is opportunity to do what we have done with the company.  Started 24 years ago in a small garage with one employee, we now have 33,000 sf and millions of dollars in annual sales.  May God bless America.

Finally and most importantly, I and our staff thank all of our customers.  We have had a great relationship with our beloved customers for years.  Some have been with us for 24 years.  Some shared the joyous news with me of the birth of their child and now share with me college graduations, marriages and even grandchildren.  I enjoy talking to you and that Absolutely Natural is a part of your lives.

Have a healthy, Happy Thanksgiving.

Best regards,