We made a specialty candle for a customer a few years back and I always liked the idea of adding natural, petroleum and paraffin free candles to our line.

And, considering that customer has purchased more than 150,000 candles in the last two years, I’ll have to assume that the public appreciates the idea as well!

I am happy to introduce our new candle line. Our Absolutely Natural Soy Candles are the ideal home fragrance for anyone. Soy candles can burn up to twice as long as paraffin candles with little or no soot. Unlike traditional candles that have up to 25% of heavy, artificial fragrances and can be overwhelming, our candles are subtly fragranced with pure essential oil blends and essences.

The lineup:

  • Warm Sugar Cookie
  • Spiced Pine
  • Mandarin White Tea
  • Pumpkin Brulee

We source the soy in the USA and it is a safe, renewable resource.  Each blend is hand crafted in small batches.  The wicks are set by hand as is the pouring in our Melbourne, Florida factory.

Our initial response has been overwhelmingly positive.

I hope you enjoy.

Best regards,