Centuries ago, millions of sea turtles roamed our oceans, but in the last 50 years, the number has dramatically decreased. There are a total of seven (sea turtle) species and all of them are in danger of extinction mainly because of commercial fishing, water pollution, loss of habitat, artificial lighting and the demand of sea turtle by products.

The sea turtles definitely need our help in order to sustain living in our ocean. Here are a few ways you can help:

  • Keep outside lights off during turtle season (May through October)

  • Bring home what you take to the beach (beach chairs, umbrellas, coolers and etc.

  • Keep our beaches/ocean clean by picking up trash

  • Use an all natural SPF that can biodegrade easily (Chemical sunscreens kill our reefs and the creatures living in it)

If you spot a sea turtle…

Stay clear of a sea turtle that is nesting; bright lights (even a camera flash) can frighten the turtle and this may interrupt the nesting process (reducing the chance of hatchling survival). If you see an injured, nesting or dead sea turtle, contact your state or local sea turtle organization.

Absolutely Natural’s role in supporting sea turtles:

We help support the Brevard Zoo and Sea Turtle Preservation Society by donating a portion of our sales that will go towards sea turtle rehabilitation, rescue, research and awareness. Because of our efforts, (along with STPS and the state of Florida) the Brevard Zoo is developing a Sea Turtle facility that will treat sick and injured endangered sea turtles. This is great news for the sea turtles living on the shores of Brevard County (and surrounding counties) because this will decrease the travel time by nearly half which will save the lives of hundreds of sea turtles.

Also, during the month of July, we will be donating a $1 for every new Facebook Fan and $2 for every Sea Turtle Facebook share. The money will be donated to the Brevard Zoo and the Sea Turtle Preservation Society. In addition to that, we will be offering sea turtle totes/kits on our website that will be available for purchase. The proceeds will go directly towards sea turtle research efforts.

Absolutely Natural promises to make natural formulas that are good for you and safe for our environment. Our products will never be tested on animals or contain any animal byproducts. In addition, our sunscreens have been thoroughly tested by the Florida Institute of Technology and they can attest that they easily biodegrade in two weeks (most sunscreens do not biodegrade at all). This is extremely important for our sea turtle friends and other marine life. Our sunscreens will save our coral reefs and the creatures living in it. You can simply help by using only our formulas.

You can make a difference; join us in the efforts of supporting these magnificent creatures!


Kind regards,

Lindsey Barber