Absolutely Natural was officially born in April of 1992 when we sold our first bottles of suncare in Hilton Head Island, SC. 

And, after 24 years, it is hard to believe that our original formula Rosehip Aloe lotion is still our number one seller.  By a lot!

Back then we only had 8 different products all in the suncare category.  Most suncare companies sell 10x sunscreen to the amount of lotions, but our unique after exposure formula was our best seller from inception.

Now we have more than 200 formulas in many categories including personal care, facial care, anti-aging, self-tanners, butters, scrubs, massage oils, creams, candles and more.  And, Rosehip Aloe is still our best seller.

We haven’t changed the fragrance in 24 years and in fact, I have been good naturedly threatened that if I ever go to another fragrance, I’ll have to leave the country!  So many of you experienced our wonderful product for the first time in Hawaii.  Using the Rosehip Aloe brings back memories of the islands.  We hear this all the time from our customers.

There was one formula change from several years ago.  When we replaced Walnut Oil with High Oleic Safflower Oil, changed the Rose Hips Oil to organic and added Green Tea. 

The fragrance draws people back time and again, but it is the effectiveness of the product that makes it our best seller.  It is a simple, clean formula with Aloe (great natural healer) as the first ingredient and exotic, nutrient rich ingredients such as Rose Hips, Squalane, Shea Butter, Green Tea and Vitamin E.

The product goes on smoothly and leaves skin feeling supple, silky and young. It is great for after exposure to the elements and equally good for everyday use.  In fact, we sell more Rosehip Aloe in the mid-West in the frigid winter than we do in the summer.

Over 24 years, we have sold millions of bottles and have developed almost a cult like following for the product.  So thank you so much for helping make this a unique, legacy product.

And, if you are one of the few that hasn’t tried it, order, use and enjoy and experience why it is our best seller!

Best regards,